Overestimating our Righteousness

Overestimating our Righteousness

Luke 10:25-37

We tend to over-estimate our own goodness.  That is, we think deep down that we’re really ok people. We don’t take God’s holiness or our own sin very seriously.  Deep down many of us believe that our relative goodness will earn us a place in Heaven.  Self-righteousness is blatantly anti-Jesus.  When we overestimate our righteousness, we place ourselves on a god-like pedestal and devalue the nature and death of Jesus.

In this parable of the Good Samaritan, why didn’t Jesus give the scribe a direct answer?

  • Jesus knows every person’s motives.
  • Jesus gave a parable to conceal/reveal
  • Jesus countered with a key element of the gospel

Overestimating our good/righteousness is an insurmountable issue in trying to have a relationship with God.


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