Sermons by Heath Kouns

Sermons by Heath Kouns

Sanctified Living

1 Thessalonians 4:9-12 Sanctification through Brotherly Love Sanctification through Christian Lifestyle The Christian Lifestyle is demonstrated through Quiet Living The Christian Lifestyle minds its own business The Christian Lifestyle works diligently Brotherly Love and Quiet Living result in new converts

The Polarized Response to Jesus

John 12:1-50 The Devotion of His Friends The Rebuke of the Betrayer The Reputation of the Witness The Fickleness of the Crowd The Pursuit of the Gentiles The Approval of the Father

The Sufficiency of Scripture

Psalm 19:1-14 The Revelation of God’s Word God’s Word Is Perfect, Restoring the Soul God’s Word Is Trustworthy, Conveying Wisdom God’s Word Is Right, Producing Joy God’s Word Is Pure, Enlightening the Eyes God’s Word Is Clean, Enduring Forever God’s Word Is True, Altogether Righteous The Result of God’s Word We desire it We are warned by it We are blessed by it
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