Sermons by Kevin Meadows

Sermons by Kevin Meadows

Jesus was the Righteous Sufferer

The God of the universe carried out a plan in time and space that bought redemption for any that put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. God’s perfectly righteous son bore a punishment meant for the worst of criminals. That’s the scandal of the cross.

A Biblical Perspective on Mental Illness

Because we live in a sin cursed world and because of the fall, our physical minds, bodies, and emotions are tainted and corrupted by sin. However as believers in Christ we have a dual message of hope both for now and for the future and we can pass that along. We don’t have to despair or to decide like the rest of the world often does that because someone suffers tremendously there’s no hope for them. There’s great hope for them.

Redeemed Sexuality

We are starting a new series on difficult topics we’re calling “Elephants in the Room”. Today we’re talking about redeemed sexuality. The Bible has a lot to say about sex.

A Refuge from Wrath

Nahum prophesied about God’s wrath falling on Nineveh. We may not want to think about God’s wrath and judgement, but a universal reckoning is coming where God will dispense justice just as he did to Nineveh. The refuge Nahum talks of is God himself.

The Wonder of Christmas

In Luke 2 as the shepherds told the story of what they had seen and heard the people hearing it were in wonder. Not the scratching your head type of wonder, but the sense that something magnificent had happened.

Gospel Minded Giving

Sometimes we may think that generosity is something for other people to do. But the reality is that we all can give generously to the spread of the gospel. We see exactly this in Philippians 4:10-23.

Enemies of the Cross

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “enemies of the cross?” What are some ways believers may betray the cross with their actions? In Philippians 3:17-4:1 Paul tells us that we must deliberately pursue Christ.

The Dignified Path to Hell

No one can enter a relationship with God without righteousness. The prophet Isaiah says that our righteousness is like polluted rags. Because of this, we must totally depend upon the righteousness of Christ. It’s only through Christ’s righteousness that we can enter into a relationship with God.

Salvation at Work

As you grow in your salvation God plants the desire in your heart to serve Him. Then He energizes us to accomplish it. There should be be unity, servant hood, and unselfishness. In Philippians 2:12-18 Paul says that we must put other others before ourselves.