Sermons by Kevin Meadows

Sermons by Kevin Meadows

Witnesses to the Word

John 1:19-51 Witness #1 – John the Baptist (John 1:19-34) Witness #2 – Andrew (John 1:35-42) Witness #3 – Philip (John 1:43-45) Witness #4 – Nathanael (John 1:46-49) Witness #5 – Jesus (John 1:50-51)

When Spiritual Leaders Let Us Down

Numbers 20:1-13 Spiritual leaders will disappoint us. We are all held accountable by God. God will show Himself holy anyway. The sinfulness of our heroes confirms that only a holy God can help us with our essential needs.

Does Anyone Speak Truth Anymore?

Psalm 12:1-8 People abuse language (Psalm 12:1-4). They lie. They manipulate. They boast. God’s words are pure and trustworthy (Psalm 12:5-8). He speaks. He intervenes. He preserves.

The Relief of Forgiveness

Psalm 32:1-11 A guilty conscience takes a toll (Psalm 32:3-4). God will forgive us when we acknowledge and confess our sin (Psalm 32:5). When there is no confession, the waters pile up behind the dam, creating immense pressures on the wall, but as soon as the floodgate is opened, the waters subside and the pressures diminish. Peter Cragie, Word Biblical Commentary: Psalms 1-50 (Columbia: Word Inc., 1983), 267. God is the way out of the problem (Psalm 32:6-7). Surrender is…

A Plea for Revival

Psalm 80:1-19 How to pray for a warped society Appeal to God’s sovereignty (Psalm 80:1-3) Appeal from brokenness (Psalm 80:4-7) Appeal for God’s personal intervention (Psalm 80:8-19)

What is Man?

Psalm 8 1. Man is made (Psalm 8:5a).2. Man is the crown of creation (Psalm 8:5). Western society has lost sight of God. It no longer sees man as a creature made in God’s image, whose chief end is “to glorify God and enjoy him forever.” It has eliminated God from its collective conscience. But then, because it no longer looks to God to derive its sense of identity and worth from him, it looks in the only other direction…

The Stronger Man

Mark 5:1-20 Jesus has power and authority over demons… Demons seek to impair people from reflecting God’s image. Jesus will come to the depths of uncleanness to save. People reject Jesus’ power. Jesus saves AND sends.

The Wind and the Sea Obey Him

Mark 4:35-41 We can have confidence during crisis. Great storms can seemingly rise out of nowhere. We may feel fear and despair when Jesus is unresponsive. Jesus controls the chaos. The presence of God with us is more awesome than the chaos around us.