Sermons by Jared Via

Sermons by Jared Via

Vision 2024

The Church in Acts: Mission: To see every person Changed by the gospel, Trained in the gospel, and Sent out with the gospel.  The local church is a group of Jesus followers who gather together, grow together, and go together.  Membership as Partnership You are not joining an organization, you are partnering with believers on a mission.

Christmas is about Worship

Luke 1 & 2 Are our hearts led to worship at Christmas? Or are our hearts led to worship Christmas? The tendency of our hearts is:

Why Christmas?

Luke 2:8-20 We won’t understand the glory and beauty of Christmas, if we don’t understand the why behind it. Christmas is good news: NOW ENTER THE STORY OF CHRISTMAS!

We are launching a second service starting on Easter. Join us at 9:00am or 10:45am.