What to expect

What to expect

Whether you are new to church or have previously been involved in a local church, at Hope Valley Church we want to see every person changed by the gospel, trained in the gospel and sent out with the gospel.


Dress casually and come as you are; most of us do. There is no need to be all put together to join us. If you are feeling unsure, just come. Come a few minutes early and join us for coffee and donuts.


We love kids and hope you bring your children with you. We provide nursery for children under preschool and classes for preschoolers through 5th grade.  You’ll want to come a few minutes early if you’re a first time guest to get your children checked in. This also gives us a little extra time to answer any questions you may have. Our Children (except Nursery) join us for the initial worship songs and then are dismissed to follow their teachers to class. You can pre-register your children for classes here.


We sing praises to our Lord for about 20 minutes. Then one of our pastors will speak from the Bible for 30-40 minutes. Expect to hear about Jesus since everything we do is geared to see our lives changed through what He has done.  Sometimes we will also end the service with a worship song.


We meet at 2149 Dominion Dr, Christiansburg, VA 24073 at 10am on Sunday mornings.