Key Players of the Tribulation

Revelation 12:1-13:18 I. The Woman (Revelation 12:1-2) Identity of the woman: Similarities to Joseph’s dream in (Genesis 37:9-11). Isaiah describes Israel as a travailing woman (Isaiah 26:17-18; Isaiah 66:7-8). The woman was present at the birth of Christ. The woman gave birth to Jesus. II. The Dragon (Revelation 12:3-17) The Past (Revelation 12:3-5) Middle of the Tribulation (Revelation 12:6-12) Second half of the Tribulation (Revelation 12:13-17) III. The Beast (Revelation 13:1-10) IV. The False Prophet (Revelation 13:11-18) Applications:We overcome the…

The Lamb Opens the Scroll

Revelation 6:1-11:19 Deuteronomy 4:30Jeremiah 30:7Matthew 24:21 Proposition: The Lamb demonstrates His right to reign. First Six Seals (Revelation 6:1-17)1st Parenthesis (Revelation 7:1-17)Joel 2:30-32Seventh Seal (Revelation 8:1-5)First Six Trumpets (Revelation 8:6-9:21)2nd Parenthesis (Revelation 10:1-11:14)Seventh Trumpet (Revelation 11:15-19) Matthew 24:5-8

Worthy is the Lamb

Revelation 4:1-5:13 What is the Rapture?  1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 “Caught up” – translated in latin – rapturo – “to snatch, take away, to be caught up.”  When will the rapture happen? “Holy Holy Holy” –  Repetition shows emphasis and importance. “Holy” is the only one word repeated 3 times, emphasizing God’s Infinite Holiness! 1 Samuel 2:2Jeremiah 10:6-7Isaiah 6:1-5 God is incomparable. His holiness is his utterly unique divine essence. It determines all that he is and does and is determined…

A Survey of Revelation

Author: The Apostle John Date: 95 AD Interpretations Preterist Idealist/Allegorical Historic Futurist Interpretive Cautions Divine Outline (1:19) …the things that you have seen (1) …those that are (2-3) …those that are to take place after this (4-22) Ch. 1 Occasion for the Revelation from Christ Ch. 2-3 Direct Messages to the Churches Seven Churches Handout

We Are Image Bearers

Genesis 1:26-28; Genesis 9:5-6; 1 Corinthians 11:7; 1 Corinthians 15:49; James 3:7-10 Males and females bear God’s image.What does it mean to bear God’s image?God fashioned humanity to share and exhibit His characteristics. Every life has inherent dignity. Human beings still bear God’s image despite the Fall. Dignity must be protected and cultivated. We will bear God’s image better in Heaven.

Vision and Mission 2021

Vision: To reach our valley with the hope that is only found in Jesus. Mission: To see every person changed by the gospel, trained in the gospel, and sent out with the gospel.  What is this partnership? What are we partnering for? Membership as a Partnership. You are not joining an organization, you are partnering with believers on a mission. Covenant Membership Provides: 1. Commitment – Linking arms together. “We’re in this mission together, I’m not going anywhere.”2. Community – You can’t be…

Faithful Endurance in Unfavorable Circumstances

Daniel 9:24-27 God’s people can faithfully endure unfavorable circumstances because God is sovereign. We live in an uncertain age. God is sovereign. Counterfeit saviors will be terminated. Personal devotion is essential to faithfully endure unfavorable conditions. Predetermine convictions. Study God’s word. Pray. Listen for illumination.

Well That Didn’t Go As Planned

John 14:27 A different kind of peace: To the world, peace is circumstantial. Jesus offers peace, in any circumstance!  Peace for a believer is not the absence of danger but is the presence of God. Peace is not a hallowed feeling that comes over us in church but is the supernatural fruit of a heart set deep in God and His trustworthy Word. Peace rules your day when Christ (and His Word) rules your mind, because peace comes not from…