The Beatitudes

Matthew 5:1-12 8 Characteristics of a Blessed, Flourishing Life 1.  Blessed and flourishing are the poor in spiritHeart Check: Do I see my heart accurately? Do I try to justify myself? Do I recognize where I would be without Jesus? 2.  Blessed and flourishing are those who mournHEART CHECK: Do I weep over the sin in me and around me? Am I broken over the brokenness of this world? 3.  Blessed and flourishing are the meekHEART CHECK: Do I assert…

Jesus is the Davidic King

Kingdom of Heaven: A national kingdom expectation‌‌ Audience: Directed to the disciples with a peripheral audience present.‌ Key Verse: Matthew 5:20‌‌ The Sermon on the Mount is a discipleship-ethic that strives for an eschatological standard.

The Beauty of Forgiveness

Genesis 42-45 Forgiveness does not mean forgetting.Forgiveness does not mean eliminating consequences.Forgiveness does not mean reconciliation.

This Changes Everything

1 Corinthians 15:1-22John 20:1-18 The resurrection of Christ is the most important event that ever occurred in the world, and it is the foundation of all our hopes of eternal life. Jonathan Edwards