The Stronger Man

Mark 5:1-20 Jesus has power and authority over demons… Demons seek to impair people from reflecting God’s image. Jesus will come to the depths of uncleanness to save. People reject Jesus’ power. Jesus saves AND sends.

Walking on Water

Matthew 14:22-33 “The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will.” Corrie Ten Boom 3 Unchanging Truths in the Storm: He is the God who Sees (Matthew 14:22-24)They couldn’t see Jesus, but there was never a moment when he couldn’t see them. He is the God who Seeks (Matthew 14:25-27) He is the God who Saves (Matthew 14:28-33) In the midst of the chaos and the craziness He is the only constant.

The Wind and the Sea Obey Him

Mark 4:35-41 We can have confidence during crisis. Great storms can seemingly rise out of nowhere. We may feel fear and despair when Jesus is unresponsive. Jesus controls the chaos. The presence of God with us is more awesome than the chaos around us.

Withered Hands and Hard Hearts

Mark 2:23-3:6 Reference: Deuteronomy 23:24-25 Proposition: Beware of manufactured religious rules 1. God’s gracious gifts can be warped into man-made burdens (Mark 2:27). “Jesus’ point in saying the Sabbath was “made for man” was that it is a gift from God to His people, a gift to keep them from wearing out their bodies, their animals, their servants, and their fields. However, the rabbinic tradition had turned the Sabbath from a great gift to a laborious burden. People had to…

But Now I See

John 9 A question for Jesus (John 9:1-5)He wasn’t born blind because something bad happened in the past.He was born blind so that something greater could happen in the future! An encounter with Jesus (John 9:6-34) When you have an encounter with Jesus, people are going to notice it. When you have an encounter with Jesus, people are going to hear about it. A response to Jesus (John 9:35-41)Knowing and trusting that God has a purpose in our suffering is…

Cleansing the Living Dead

Mark 1:40-45 Jesus has authority over uncleanness. We are unclean from disease (40).– Isaiah 64:6 – Psalm 36:1-2– Lev. 13:45-46 Jesus will cleanse you (41-42). Jesus took our place as the outsider (43-45).

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