Worthy is the Lamb

Worthy is the Lamb

Revelation 4:1-5:13

What is the Rapture?  
1 Thessalonians 4:16-18

“Caught up” – translated in latin – rapturo – “to snatch, take away, to be caught up.” 

When will the rapture happen?

“Holy Holy Holy” –  Repetition shows emphasis and importance. “Holy” is the only one word repeated 3 times, emphasizing God’s Infinite Holiness!

1 Samuel 2:2
Jeremiah 10:6-7
Isaiah 6:1-5

God is incomparable. His holiness is his utterly unique divine essence. It determines all that he is and does and is determined by no one. His holiness is what he is as God, which no one else is or ever will be. Call it his majesty, his divinity, his greatness, his value as the pearl of great price. In the end, language runs out.

John Piper

The Lamb

The lamb who bears the marks of death, is also the ruler that bears the signs of the fullness of divine omnipotence, dominion and omniscience.

Alan Johnson

He is the Slain Lamb
He is the Standing Lamb
He is the Saving Lamb


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