The Significance of the Signs

The Significance of the Signs

John 2:1-22

Sign – a proof or distinguishing mark by which something is made known.

Jesus’ signs were significant displays of power that point beyond themselves to the deeper realities that could be perceived with the eyes of faith.

D.A Carson

7 Signs in John:

  • Water into wine (Chapter 2)
  • Heals officials son (Chapter 4)
  • Heals paralyzed man (Chapter 5)
  • Feeding of 5000 (Chapter 6)
  • Walks on water (Chapter 6)
  • Gives sight to the blind man- (Chapter 9)
  • Raises Lazarus from the dead- (Chapter 11)
  1. The Miracle at Cana
  2. The Glory of Christ
  3. The Road to the Cross

The Miracle at Cana manifested the Glory of Christ and marked the Road to the Cross

The inclusion of this detail shows us that the rituals associated with the old covenant are giving way to something far greater. The shadow found in the law has been replaced by the substance. Now that Jesus is here, things have changed. The water of ceremony has been replaced with something far better. External purification has given way to internal cleansing.

Matt Carter (Christ Centered Exposition)

They were perverting the fundamental purpose of the temple: for people to meet with God.

It was the central place of worship where sacrifices were made and prayers were offered.

  1. Exploiting the Gentiles
  2. Taking money for themselves

The religious leaders had found a way to use God for a profit.


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