The Prodigal Son, part 1

The Prodigal Son, part 1

The Prodigal Son

Luke 15:1-24
(We experienced problems with the sermon recording this week)

Jesus was a friend of sinners. He received people where they were, so he could take them where they needed to be.

  1. The Rebellion of the Son. vs. 11-13
  2. The Result of his Sin. vs. 14-16
    Sin will:
          Take you further than you wanted to go.
          Keep you longer than you wanted to stay.
          Cost you more than you wanted to pay.
  3. The Realization of his Condition. vs. 17-19
    Repentance: A change of heart that leads to a change of action.
  4. The Response of the Father. vs. 20-24
    • He sees
    • He loves
    • He forgives
    • He restores

Psalm 103:1-5


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