The God Who Hears and Responds

The God Who Hears and Responds

(We do not have a recording of the sermon this week.)

Exodus 2:23-25

1.  He Hears – Psalm 34:17-19
2.  He Remembers – Genesis 12:2-3 

Covenant: a never stopping, never giving up, unbreaking, always and forever love. Genesis 15:13-14
Remember: means that God chose at this time to take action on His covenant. This word refers to action on the covenant, not recollection of it.

“In covenantal language, the term “remember” should not be misunderstood to suggest that God was somehow unaware or unconcerned previously. The Bible consistently portrays Him as intervening at various times for various purposes, though rarely as soon as humans, self-centeredly, would like.”

God often waits, but He never forgets. He sometimes delays, but He never forsakes.

3. He Sees and He Knows – Psalm 139:1-18


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