Reflection, Dedication, Communion

Reflection, Dedication, Communion

The new year is a good time to evaluate where we are with the Lord. Our level of obedience to Jesus reveals our level of love for Him.

In Matthew 7:24-27 Jesus tells us 2 important things:

  1. It is important for us to hear His Word.
  2. We need to obey what He says.

This morning we are going to take time and pray two prayers:

  • A prayer of confession.
  • A prayer of consecration/dedication.

Some questions to be thinking through for prayer:

  • Are there relationships that I have broken because of something I’ve said?
  • Is there someone who has sinned against me that I need to forgive?
  • Is there a secret sin that I need to confess?
  • Have I grown in faith this year or have I wavered in faith?
  • How much time did I actually spend in prayer during the day?
  • How much time did I actually spend in God’s word during the day?
  • How did I do this year in loving others? Wife, kids, neighbor, enemy?
  • Was I a good ambassador this year? How did I represent Jesus this year?

It is important to know that these questions are meant for conviction, not condemnation.

Following a time of prayer we will be taking communion together. Matthew 26:26-28


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