Prepare to Meet God

Prepare to Meet God

In Exodus 19:1-25 the children of Israel have arrived at Mount Sinai and encounter God in all His glory. We find that there are 3 parts to encountering God:

1.  The order of salvation

We are saved by grace alone, by faith alone, in Christ alone.

Gospel vs. Legalism:
Legalism says: I obey so that God will love me.
Gospel says: God loves me, therefore I obey.

“You contribute nothing to your salvation, except the sin that made it necessary.” – Jonathan Edwards

2.  The process of sanctification

God conforms us into the image of Jesus.

3.  The importance of consecration

We meet God on His terms, not ours

To be set apart from something – to something.
To be set apart from that which is profane and to be dedicated or consecrated to that which is holy.

3 questions for personal examination:

  • Am I fully committed to God?
  • What in my life is distracting me from full surrender and devotion to God?
  • What am I committing to do about it?


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