Is Jesus Your Lord?

Is Jesus Your Lord?

With the new year comes resolutions. Often these are based on things we want to see changed. If we’re not careful they can become self centered: “What I’m going to accomplish for myself”. A good question as we start the new year is: How can I glorify God this next year?

Think for a moment about super hero movies. There’s a good guy, a bad guy, and someone the bad guy is trying to hurt. The good guy “saves” the person from the bad guy. We understand the concept of a savior. But the word Lord means something else. It means that someone has complete ownership rights to your life.

Is Jesus your Lord?

In Luke 19:1-10 we see Zacchaeus reach a point in his life where he acknowledges Jesus as his Lord.

“Zacchaeus learned the hard way one of the most basic lessons of life: You can be rich and not be happy. You can be wealthy and not be loved. You can be successful and not be satisfied.”

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