God Reigns

God Reigns

The children of Israel were literal slaves in Egypt and were ready to be rescued. God had heard their cry. They were about to learn that God was greater than what enslaved them.

  1. God gave Pharaoh a sign he would lose his power. Exodus 7:1-13
  2. God exposed the Nile River with the first plague (blood). Exodus 7:14-25
  3. God turned nature against Egypt with the second plague (frogs). Exodus 8:1-15
  4. God opened the eyes of Pharaoh’s magicians with the third plague (insects). Exodus 8:16-19
  5. God made a distinction between the Egyptians and Hebrews with the fourth plague (flies). Exodus 8:20-32

The same principle applies to us today: God is greater than what enslaves you.


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