Eternity Awaits!

Eternity Awaits!

Revelation 21-22

1. Eternal Joy – 21:1-8

What is the source of our eternal joy?
God with us.
No more tears, no more pain, no more mourning, no more death.

2. Eternal Home – 21:9-27

Where is our “Eternal Home?”
There are 3 “Heavens” mentioned in the Bible:

  • The sky, atmosphere,
  • The universe, space, stars, planets.
  • The dwelling place of God and angels

We will live with GOD, in the new JERUSALEM, on the new EARTH.

3. Eternal Life – 22:1-5

What will life be like in our new eternal home?
False views of New Heaven and Earth: 

  • It’s strictly a spirit world.
  • It’s an eternal church service.

We will live with physical, glorified bodies in a physical, perfect world in eternal paradise.


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