Sermons from February 2022

Sermons from February 2022

Encouragements for the Harsh Realities of Life

John 14:1-31 We can face life confidently.. We have a home with the Father (John 14:1-7) We have a purpose for the Father (John 14:8-14) We have a paraclete from the Father (John 14:15-26) Our Lord in His rightful place with the Father (John 14:27-31)

Humble Servanthood

John 13:1-38  Big idea: Jesus served humbly, gave sacrificially, and loved unconditionally.  In response, a believer must make these 3 commitments:  As Jesus served, so will I As Jesus gave, so will I As Jesus loved, so will I Philippians 2:3-11 1. Jesus Served Humbly This event is going to serve as both a symbol and an example.A symbol of spiritual cleansing.An example of humble service.  1 John 1:8-9  2. Jesus Gave Sacrificially Luke 22:19 3. Jesus Loved Unconditionally

Live by Faith

A BELIEF is something that you hold to be true, usually without proof Your beliefs INFORM your faith, but they are not the content of your faith FAITH is a confident assurance in the character and nature of God Pisteuō – To be persuaded, to rely upon, to trust, a fully assured and unswerving confidence

The Polarized Response to Jesus

John 12:1-50 The Devotion of His Friends The Rebuke of the Betrayer The Reputation of the Witness The Fickleness of the Crowd The Pursuit of the Gentiles The Approval of the Father