Sermons from July 2020

Sermons from July 2020

The Limitations of Human Wisdom

Ecclesiastes 9:1-10:20 Wisdom does not spare anyone from death (Ecclesiastes 9:1-10). Wisdom does not prevent unexpected events (Ecclesiastes 9:11-12). Wisdom is unappreciated (Ecclesiastes 9:13-16). A wise reputation is easily tainted (Ecclesiastes 9:17-10:20).

The Emptiness of Brokenness

Ecclesiastes 7:1-8:17 Wrong expectations lead to: despair – I can’t do this anymore anger – I can’t believe God would allow this unbelief – There isn’t any God at all.  1. The Perception: The righteous suffer, the wicked prosper Ecclesiastes 7:14-17 and 8:14-15 God’s purposes in suffering and trials: Reveals our heart Produces character Tests and strengthens our faith Shows the brokenness of the world John 16:33 – “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have…

The Emptiness of Wealth

In Ecclesiastes 5:1-6:12 Solomon talks about how wealth is unreliable: Wealth can be lost through rash vows Wealth can be lost to a corrupt government Enough is never enough Wealth attracts parasites Wealth can be lost through bad investing Even if a person retains their wealth for a lifetime, life is brief Enjoy what God HAS given you